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Minecraft Mobs

this is a list of my top 10 favourite Minecraft Mobs

  1. Wither
  2. Ender Dragon
  3. Wither Skeleton
  4. Blaze
  5. Ender Mite
  6. Ender Man
  7. Bat
  8. Skeleton
  9. Baby Chicken
  10. Creeper

When fighting the Ender Dragon you need to take out some of the Endermen which spawn randomnly in the end which will drop enderpearls. Enderpearls let you teleport to the place you throw them. Every time you throw an enderpearl you will take a bit of damage so just be careful when and where you throw them. You need to throw them to the top of the towers around and break the beacon on top which the Ender Dragon uses to regenerate health. After that you need to take out the Ender Dragon with a bow. When he comes down to the ground you still need to keep shooting him with a bow because he won't take damage from a sword even if i'ts a Diamond Sword.The Ender Dragon will fire "ender charges" at you which you can't deflect back so just get out of the way as quickly as possible. If you do get hit by an "ender charge" drink a potion of regeneration, instant health potion or eat an enchanted golden apple. When you do kill the Ender Dragon he will drop the maximum level of experience and will open the portal to the overworld which is the only way back unless you jump of the world and fall in the void.To get to The End you need to kill endermen which drop enderpearls and combine them with blaze powder which drops of Blazes in The Nether to make ender-eyes which you throw around randomnly in your world and they'll show where the nearest Stronghold is underground. You then complete the half completed End portal in the Stronghold.

When fighting an Enderman always use a sword because it will teleport away as soon as a bow hits him. The Enderman will spawn in dry biomes like the desert because it will start taking damage when it touches water so always bring a bucket of water with and trap it in a enclosed area so it can't teleport away. You will need the drops of the Enderman because you use the enderpearls that they drop to combine with blaze powder which drops off Blazes in the Nether which you use to make ender-eyes. A recommended enchant for your sword is looting 2 or 3 for more enderpearls when it dies.

Endermites are small mobs which spawn in The End in groups which makes them potentially deadly. Always use a sword against them because they are so small and by the time you have pulled back your bow and shot they'll almost have killed you. Some recommended enchants for your sword to use against them is at least knockback 1 and fire aspect 1. Never underestimate an Endermite because they have a suprising amount of health for their size(8 health). Throwing an enderpearl has a 5% chance of spawning an endermite.

The Wither has to be built using 4 pieces of soulsand and 3 wither Skeleton heads in the pattern shown above. You will need to kill roughly 120 Wither Skeletons to get 3 wither skeleton heads. The Wither will shoot Wither Skeleton Heads at you which give you something called the Wither effect. The Wither effect turns your hearts to the colour black so you can't tell what health your at and you keep going down in health. You only have one choice when you have the Wither effect, eat an Enchanted Golden Apple which gives you regeneration 2 and resistance 4 so you are literally unkillable. Always start fighting the Wither with a bow because it flys about your world shooting everything so make sure you spawn the wither in an enclosed area like the Enderman. when the Wither gets low on health it floats down to the ground and that's when you start smacking it with a diamond sword. The Wither will drop a nether star which is used to make a beacon along with 5 pieces of glass and 3 pieces of obsidian. A beacon can give you special effects for a limited amount of time in exchange for ores like diamond,gold,emarald and iron.

The Wither Skeleton is a 3 block high mob (unlike the ordinary skeleton) which is the same hight as the player which is 2 blocks high. It has a stone sword in it's right hand.The Wither Skeleton has a 2.5% chance of dropping a wither skeleton head, a 3.5% chance with looting 1, a 4.5% chance with looting 2 and a 5.5% chance of dropping one with looting 3. When fighting the Wither Skeleton try to get it into a room with a 2 block high opening so that it bangs it's head and then you can just finish it of with a diamond sword.

The Zombie is a mob that walks towards you and when it touches you inflicts damage until you die. The Zombie spawns at night in all biomes and burns in the day but dosen't burn in the water in the day. The Zombie can pick up armour and wear it so whatever you do don't drop your armour infront of it when your fighting it! When it wears armour it's immune to burning. Zombies kill villagers and turn them into Zombie Villagers. Zombies can break down wooden doors with their fists so if you live in a place where Zombies spawn alot make sure you get an iron door as soon as possible!

Zombie villagers don't spawn naturally in your world. They only come to life when a Zombie kills a villager. A Zombie villager can also break down wooden doors like the ordinary Zombie can. A Zombie Villager can be turned back into an ordinary villager again if you feed them a Normal Golden Apple and throw a potion of weakness at them then they should turn right back to their normal state. Ordinary Villagers can open iron doors. Zombie Villagers can turn normal Villagers into Zombie Villagers.

Zombie Pigmen are immune to lava and fire. They hold a gold sword in their right hand which they hit you with. They can drop carrots,a golden sword or rotten flesh. They travel in groups and are completely harmless unless you attack one and then the whole group attacks you. They spawn in the Nether. You can get Zombie Pigmen in the overworld when you strike pigs with lightning. There is a 5% chance of a baby Zombie Pigman in The Nether

Skeletons(unlike the Wither Skeleton) are 2 block high mobs with a bow in their hand which they shoot at you. They burn in the day and spawn at night.When fighting a Skeleton you should always use your bow because the closer you get the more likely it is to hit you. Skeletons don't have a very good shot but always try to be out of range of shot just in case.

The Ghast is a floating creature which spawns in the Nether. It shoots fire balls at you which can travel immense distance so never underestimate them. When fighting a Ghast always bring a sword and a fishing rod. Use the fishing rod to reel in the Ghast from it's floating state. Then finish it of with a sword. use left trigger to block the fire balls and take less damage and the fire balls with the sword to deflect them back at the Ghast. A recommended potion when fighting the Ghast is a potion of fire resistence. A recommended enchant for your sword is sharpness 1 and for your armour blast protection 2

The Creeper, probably the most well known mob in Minecraft. When you go close to a Creeper it blows up. When fighting the Creeper always use a bow to avoid the explosions. The Creeper was created in a glitch, They were trying to make a pig. The Creeper will drop gunpowder.

The Spider spawns at night and in dark places like caves. It will not burn in the day but is not agressive in the day. The ordinary Spider is bigger than the CaveSpider. The Spider can drop string and a spider eye. If you combine the spider eye with sugar and a mushroom you can get a fermented spider eye.

The Cave Spider spawns in caves (duh!). It will give you the poison effect which will get your health down to half a heart annd then it will jump at you and finish you off. Try to be facing the ordinary Spider and the Cave Spider downwards so it can't jump on your head.

The Spider Jockey is a Spider with a Skeleton sitting on it. The Spider has a 1% chance of having a skeleton rider. They will spawn in dry biomes in the early morning. When fighting the Spider Jockey kill the Spider first because the Skeleton will not take damage until you kill the Spider.

Slimes can spawn in different sizes. They can be small, medium and large. The Slimes have different amounts of health depending on how big they are. The smaller the Slime the less health it will have. The big and medium Slimes when killed split up into more Slimes. The large Slimes split up into 4 medium Slimes, the medium Slimes turn into 8 small Slimes and the small Slimes just die.

Magma Cubes are basically the same as Slimes apart from these facts. 1.Magma Cubes spawn in the Nether 2.the small Magma Cubes can hurt the player when the slime dosen't.

Witches will spawn in Witch huts in the swamp biome. They will not take damage from lava because they will throw a potion of fire resistence on themselves and they will not take any damage from harmful potions. They will try to throw harmful potions at you so always try to kill them with a bow if have one. When witches are low on health they will try to drink a potion of instant health and in that time they are drinking you finish it off with a Diamond Sword,/p>

Silverfish are basically the same as the Endermite. The only difference is that it dosen't spawn in the End and it dosen't teleport.

Blazes spawn in the Nether in Nether Fortresses. They will fire fireballs at you. When fighting a Blaze throw snowballs at them and then finish it off with a sword. The Blaze will drop Blaze powder which you combine with enderpearls to make endereyes. See the Enderdragon for more details on endereyes.

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